Call for expressions of interest for the establishment of a list of International Peer Reviewers to assist the Italian Foundation for Celiac Disease (FC) in the peer-assessment and selection of 3-years Italian research projects focusing on celiac disease and gluten associated pathologies.

FC periodically publishes a Call for Proposals to grant 3-years Italian research projects about celiac disease and gluten associated pathologies with 5x1000 funds cashed yearly by AIC from Italian tax-payers. FC is currently expanding the group of international referees committing their scientific expertise for the assessment of project proposals.

The call for expressions of interest is an open one, and experts can register at any time.


Who can be a peer-reviewer for FC Calls?

Please, here you find the main features that FC requires to experts for becoming peer-reviewers in the framework of FC Call for Proposals:

-   You are a scientist not working in Italy, independently on your nationality;
-   You are an expert in one or more issues (biochemistry, biology, genetics, clinics, nutrition, oncology, gynecology, dermatology, etc – see a more complete list in the following annex “Registration Form”) relating to celiac disease and/or other gluten-associated pathologies;
-   You have a good publication track record in the field of celiac disease and/or other gluten-associated pathologies, especially as first/last author; young researchers becoming independent and leading their own research groups are very welcome.


What will the assignments involve?

Reviewers are chosen by the FC Scientific Office on the basis of the expertise indicated by the referee in the following annex "Registration Form".

During the Review Exercise, contacted reviewers will be asked to disclose any conflict of interest with the application they are going to assess. FC keeps the reviewers’ names confidential and, likewise, all reviewers undertake to keep submitted proposals and associated data confidential.

Upon agreement, the reviewer performs the assessment of the proposal by completing a dedicated Evaluation Form.

At the end of the review process, the referees are rewarded by credit transfer for each evaluation produced in the established time.

The main review criteria are:

-   Significance and relevance to celiac disease and gluten associated pathologies;
-   Innovation;
-   Approach and feasibility;
-   Track record and international standing of the investigator in celiac disease;
-   International competitiveness, independence, leadership and scientific productivity adequate to successfully complete this study;
-   Environment and standing of the Hosting Institution at the international level;
-   Adequacy of the budget requested.

In general, the range of work burden is about 5-10 project proposals to be evaluated per peer-reviewer, with a review exercise of about 2 months.

How to apply

For applying as a reviewer, please complete and sign the form annexed below, scan it and send it back (along with a very short curriculum vitae) at the following e-mail address:


Annex 1: Registration Form

Annex 2: Curriculum Vitae (very short, including the list of positions, the last position, the field of expertise, the list of publication in the field of celiac disease and/or other gluten-related pathologies. The Curriculum Vitae should be possibly updated at least one month before registration)





The 2014 FC Call for Proposals will be launched in January 2014:

the review exercise is planned to take place from May to June 2014


Help and support


For questions, please send an email to the following mailbox address: