AIC Scientific Office

AIC established the Scientific Office in 2012, with dedicated personnel coming from scientific research experience at prestigious Italian research institutes. The Scientific Office is aimed to a most efficient organization of AIC scientific activities both in Italy and abroad, also adopting international standard procedures for the promotion of scientific and clinical research about celiac disease and related issues.

Besides the Chief, who has long-term experience as scientist, the Scientific Office also comprises the AIC Scientific Committee and the group of international Peer Reviewers for evaluation and selection of best scientific projects to be founded by AIC (see the Figure). The Scientific Office is engaged into two main pipelines:

1) the “Celiac Disease Network”: it represents an ambitious project carried on by the Scientific Committee together with the Scientific Office, aimed at guaranteeing excellence and harmony of both clinic and scientific knowledge all over Italy by mean of:

-  study groups for development of knowledge or the assessment of clinical guidelines,

-  scientific meetings and international symposia,

-  the development of training/information tools including: the annual AIC meeting of all clinicians and researchers involved into the study of celiac disease in Italy, the Distance Learning online platform (presently on development), the Scientific Office Newsletter which is sent by email to Italian clinicians and researchers, the Scientific Section of AIC house-organ which is periodically printed both as paper and as PDF, and of course the official AIC website.


2) the “Scientific Research promoted by FC”: in 2005 AIC established the Foundation for the Celiac Disease (FC), a non-profit organization with the specific purpose of collecting funds and promoting top-level research, both basic and clinical research. See the following pages of this website:

Research promoted by the Foundation for the Celiac Disease - FC

Funding the Italian Research: the Peer Review


The Scientific Office organizes and directs all AIC scientific activities both in Italy and abroad, and principally:

-  It manages all steps of the process of selection and funding of Italian scientific research, the publication of the Call for Proposals, and the collaboration with the group of Peer Reviewers;

-  Together with the Scientific Committee, it organizes scientific national meetings and international symposia about celiac disease and gluten-related pathologies;

-  In order to maintain the Celiac Disease Network all over Italy, it develops tools for information and training of clinicians and researchers, such as the Scientific Office periodic Newsletter, the scientific pages of AIC website and the Scientific Section of Celiac Disease News journal (the house-organ of AIC);

-  It supports the activities and the initiatives of the Scientific Committee.


Figure: Composition of the AIC Scientific Office. The Office is coordinated by the Chief who has long-term experience as scientist, and comprises the AIC Scientific Committee (SC) and the group of Peer Reviewers, international scientists with great experience in different issues relating to the study of celiac disease (biology, immunology, clinics, biochemistry and so on). The Scientific Committee is directed by the Board which supervises the group of clinicians and researchers constituting the Specialty Area of the Scientific Committee. The Committee also includes the whole plethora of general practitioners and specialist physicians in the Italian territory which collaborate with AIC as regional councilors.