Age at Gluten Introduction and Risk of Celiac Disease: a Prospective, Multicentre, Nutritional Intervention Study on Infants at Family Risk (The Italian Baby-Study on Weaning and CD Risk)

Principal Investigator: Professor Catassi C., Department of Pediatrics, Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona, Italy.


Objectives: The primary aim of the study was to evaluate in a large cohort of infants at increased risk for celiac disease (CD) the role of age at gluten introduction on the risk of CD-autoimmunity and of CD.

Methods: This is an ongoing not recruiting prospective, multicenter, nationwide intervention trial. 730 infants at increased risk for CD (first-degree relatives of patients with CD) were enrolled. Infants were blindly assigned to introduce gluten at 4th-6th month (group A) or after the 12th month (group B); diet (duration of breastfeeding, adherence to the protocol, amount of gluten administered) was evaluated at 4, 7, 9, and 12 months; CD serology was tested at 15 (plus HLA), 24, 36 and 60 months.

Results: 395 infants were enrolled in group A (F 49.9%) and 335 in group B (F 50%). The current median age of the cohort is 5,1 and the percentage of children older than 3 years is 95%. The type of kinship was: 58.2% one sibling, 39.5% mother, 8% father (two relatives 8.1%). The mean duration of breastfeeding was 4 months. The average gluten consumption was >6 gr/day in 95.1%, 3-6 gr/d in 4.1%, and <3 gr/d in 0.8%. HLA genotyping showed: DR3 or DR3/DR7 in 7.5%, DR5/DR7 in 15.8%, DR3/DR5 or DR3/DR4 or DR3/DRX in 28.7%, DR7/DR7 in 15.8%, DR7/DR4 or DR4/DR4 in 7.5%, others in 24.7%. Overall, at 24 months the incidence of CD-autoimmunity and of CD was higher in group A (CD-autoimmunity: group A 11.1% vs group B 5.7%; p=0.01. CD: group A 8.1% vs group B 4.2%; p=0.03).

Conclusion: Introducing gluten after 12 months of age may prevent the developing of CD in the first two years of life. A prolonged follow-up is required.


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