La Celiachia nell'Età Pediatrica e nell'Adulto

Il Booklet "LA CELIACHIA NELL'ETÀ PEDIATRICA E NELL'ADULTO", a cura del Board Scientifico di AIC, è un'iniziativa di informazione e sensibilizzazione rivolta ai medici di medicina generale e ai pediatri di libera scelta, generalmente la prima linea di individuazione di quelle persone, adulti e bambini, che ancora non hanno ricevuto una diagnosi di celiachia.

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AIC Onlus (Italian Association for Celiac Disease) is a non-profit patient association that has been committed for over 35 years to positively changing the lives of people with celiac disease and their families. It was funded in 1979 by a few parents of children with celiac disease at a time when little was known about it, and it was considered to be a disease linked to youth. AIC is a federation composed of 20 associations across all of the Italian regions, as well as in the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano. In addition to AIC, they are part of the AIC: the Foundation for Celiac Disease (FC), which provides grants for scientific research on the disease, and the social enterprise Spiga Barrata Service (SBS), which issues the trademark featuring the image of barred grain on the packaging of products suitable for those with celiac disease, and serves as the editor of publications that AIC creates for those with the disease and their families, such as Celiachia Notizie, Prontuario degli Alimenti, and Guida Alimentazione Fuori Casa.

AIC currently has more than 40,000 members and over 1,000 volunteers, who assist in pursuing AIC's mission on a daily basis. The aim of the AIC is to allow celiacs or those with dermatitis herpetiformis to live in a comfortably through the improvement of their lifestyle, supporting the acquisition of full awareness of their condition, and the widespread diffusion of proper knowledge as regards celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis in society.


The booklet "CELIAC DISEASE IN CHILDREN AND ADULTS" is an informational and awareness initiative aimed at general practitioners and primary care paediatricians, who are generally the first line of identification for adults and children who have yet to receive the diagnosis of celiac disease. The main training and informational  objectives of the booklet for physicians of general medicine and primary care paediatricians are to promptly identify the symptoms of celiac disease (often non-classic and extra-intestinal), guide patients towards correct diagnosis (often dealing with specialists), manage diagnosed patients by monitoring their treatment (gluten-free diet) and health status through specific examinations to be performed on a periodic basis.

In Italy, approximately 400,000 people are not aware that they have celiac disease. AIC is committed to assisting currently undiagnosed cases of the disease.

The celiac iceberg: It is estimated that there are 600,000 Italians with celiac disease, which is 1% of the population of Italy.

Undiagnosed celiac disease can lead to problems such as repeated spontaneous fractures in adults, repeated miscarriage, infertility, pregnancy disorders, iron deficiency or anaemia, in addition to more dramatic complications such as intestinal lymphoma.

On average, it takes six years from the onset of symptoms to arrive at a diagnosis.


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