Eating out gluten-free in Italy

You can find here all Italian venues trained and monitored (at least once a year) by the Italian Coeliac Association in order to guarantee gluten-free meals.

So far, we have more than 4.000 venues all over Italy joining our Gluten-free Eating Out program and this number is always increasing.

You can use also AIC Mobile*, our APP for smartphone (Android, iPhone).

AIC Mobile is free of charge and you can find it on your Appstore.

*To use AIC Mobile you need to register here: (click on “Registrati”). Please, fill in our address (City: Genova; Province: GE; CAP: 16124; Address: via Caffaro 10) if you don’t live in Italy.

For every venue, you can find the address and the gluten-free services guaranteed. You can find also the name of the staff person responsible for the gluten-free food in the venue. We also signal days or periods in which the venue is closed.

Please, be aware that every venue is listed under a specific category/symbol (in the map) that is the main service offered by the venue, but there can be more than one gluten free service suitable for You! Please check more information in the box about the venue. For example, an hotel can also be a restaurant or a restaurant can also be a pizzeria.



[1] Hotels usually guarantee gluten free meals for breakfast + lunch + dinner. Extra services, like -for example- baby/mini club or parties, are not always also gluten-free and are not guaranteed by the AIC.
[2] This symbol signals that only guests sleeping in the hotel can have lunch and dinner there.
[3] This symbol signals that there are also gf cones
[4] When you find a price signalled near the name of the venue, this is referred to a standard meal, drinks not included.
[5] You are kindly asked to call in advance every venue before going, saying you need a gluten-free service.

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