FC Funding and Peer Review

About FC

In 2005, AIC established the Foundation for the Celiac Disease (FC), a non-profit organization with the specific purpose of collecting funds and promoting top-level research, both fundamental and translational. Since then, AIC and FC have become a growing charity in the field of celiac disease, with a primary role in the promotion of Italian scientific projects whose results have been published on international journals and presented into world-wide symposia.


The mission of FC is:

-  funding research about celiac disease and related issues that is carried out at scientific institutions, university and hospitals in Italy;
-  completing the education of young researchers in Italy and abroad by offering fellowship awards for further study;
-  informing the public and raising awareness of progress in celiac disease research


FC activities are organized by the AIC Scientific Office. Please, contact the AIC Scientific Office for any question (ufficioscientifico@celiachia.it), and visit our English website “AIC Research” to know more (click on the English flag at www.celiachia.it or go to http://www.celiachia.it/AIC/AIC.aspx?SS=985).