Fellowship Calls

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The Grant funds Triennial Fellowship Programmes on celiac disease and dermatitis
herpetiformis. Each programme is funded with:

€ 85.000


€ 75.000

over 3 years for the salary
of the young researcher

€ 10.000

as a contribution to be used during the Triennial
Project for reagents and consumables

The FC Fellowship Grant is a co-funding programme to sustain both the scientific research and the training of young researchers: the other costs involved in the achievement of the project are covered by the funds of the Head Laboratory/Institute.

Selection process

The project selection process and the scientific evaluation peer-review:
objectivity and transparency

The Peer Reviewers

The proposals complying with the requirements of the fc call are sent to the international reviewers (peer reviewers), noted and competent researchers in the field of celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis.

3 Reviewers

Each proposal is evaluated by three reviewers individually, according to competence and in the absence of conflict of interests.


To provide young people with a tool for starting their scientific career in celiac disease,  through a Triennial Programme agreed with a tutor (The Head of the Laboratory) in a public or private non-profit Research Institute. The Programme must include:

  • Triennial scientific study focused on celiac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis
  • A training plan of the young researcher (technical and scientific skills, meetings, seminars, national and international conferences)

To encourage the growth of tomorrow’s doctors and researchers who will treat celiac patients and will be part of the Italian scientific and medical community of the future.


  • Proximity to cure and quality of life
  • Scientific value and feasibility
  • Clearness of the proposal’s purposes
  • Impact on improvement and understanding of the disease and its treatment
  • Innovation and originality


  • Graduates and Doctorates
  • Long-cycle degree (5–6 years) or Master’s Degree in a scientific discipline


The research topics admitted to the fc fellowship call of proposals are celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis, the research areas range from medical-scientific issues to food technology.

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